Maggie Leu

Margaret Eveyln Leu, born September 18th, 2005.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Several months ago Maggie announced she wanted to be a ghost this Halloween. But as Halloween drew closer I was taking note that Maggie & Charlie were crazy addicted to the movie Ponyo. A quick cosume search came up with nothing. So I called our master seamstress Grandma Leu, a few measurements and loads of sewing labor....whaaaala. PONYO! And what a proud Ponyo she was.

Ponyo carries a green bucket and LOVES ham. Maggie played the part well. Although I feel like I failed a bit on her wig. The only kid-sized orange wig available at the party store was Aeriel, which I trimmed up to look like Ponyo. I had hoped it was a bit more true orange. Nevertheless - Maggie was smashing in her costume.

They had a Halloween parade at school followed with a party in their classroom. Here is her teacher, Ms. Palmieri, and all the girls dressed up.

After her Halloween celebration at school we raced over to Charlie's school Halloween party. Charlie is dressed as Sosuke, the little boy who loves Ponyo (imagine him with yacht hat on & pacifier out!).

On Halloween, Maggie and I ventured out for some girl time to the Park Chalet to listen to our favorite kid's band, the Jam Jam band. We hadn't seen Charity (or as Maggie kept calling her 'Cherry') in a few years. So we danced in the warm ocean breeze - front & center. I seized the opportunity to dress up like a pretty pink princess with Maggie. Not sure you can top dancing with your daughter who is all smiles while wearing a sparkling pink tutu...which by the way, when I pulled it out Maggie was amazed that MOM has a tutu too. That's right I do!!! Wait til she sees my pink cowboy boots....


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