Maggie Leu

Margaret Eveyln Leu, born September 18th, 2005.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charlie turns 1

I took Maggie to swim class today & the whole car ride back we talked about the day Charlie was born. She said, 'Mommy, tell me a story about when Charlie came out of your bellie.' So I did. And I gave her a picture from my wallet taken of Maggie the day she met him in the hospital. Very proudly she kept that picture tucked in her fist & showed it off to all her teachers and friends at school. Maggie has ALWAYS been so completely and fully accepting of her brother. She welcomed him with open arms and has never turned away from him with jealousy or anger. She has been nothing but loving towards him. They are both so lucky to have each other, and secretly I might be the luckiest! ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Goodness

Maggie, Joel & I lunched on Easter weekend at the yummiest tea spot in San Francisco - Samavor. Maggie sipped on her princess tea and enjoyed opening a fun package from Grandma & Grandpa Leu. Grandma Leu made the kids these amazing Easter bunny baskets...and of course Maggie indulged her imagination a bit & wore it as a hat at our GRAND tea party!

An Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

The Easter bunny brought her a flower necklace, a BIRD shaped cookie from Miette, stickers, and a doll that she had been dreaming of for days!

Maggie & I had a moment after dinner of taking pictures of each other & it got really funny...