Maggie Leu

Margaret Eveyln Leu, born September 18th, 2005.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our First Fight

We were getting ready to leave for a morning at the beach with Guido Jack & Mariah, and it was time to put our shoes & jacket on. Maggie is quiet pleased to sit down & stick her feet in the air, patiently waiting for me to put her shoes & socks on. But this morning was a little different. She brought me her red boots, and I grabbed her brown suede mary janes. And let me tell you, she was ALL ABOUT her red boots and NOT the mary janes. In fact, I think it was our first fight...

As you can see, we split the difference & settled on her pink converse low tops.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

first TEN words.

MOM (pronounced MOM MA MA) - first heard during those moments when she was in need of comforting and always big hugs.

DAD (pronouned DA DA) - started saying & pointing to Joel with excitement...still does.

BYE BYE (pronouned BA BA)- accompanied by the double self wave (the classic backwards wave). She has gotten so good at bye bye that now it's a matter of how loud can she say it!

BIRD (pronounced BRD BRRR BRD) - loves the birds painted in her room... and trickled throughout the house, and then some! first heard the day she turned 11 months.

BALL (pronounced BA, in a soft girlie voice) - she chases her bubble gum pink ball around, and squeals at the balls that pop out of her 'ball popper' toy.

HI (pronounced HI-YAH) - with a single wave & very happily, she will give you a good solid hi with that big grin.

BUBBLE (pronounced BUB BA) - bubbles in the bath, blowing bubble in the back yard... loves 'em.

MORE (pronounced Ma Mar) - finally! we can communicate whether she likes it or not. but she has picked up 'ummmmm' when she likes it, so we've managed.

HI GUYS (pronounced HI GSHUYS) - this just absolutely kills me each and every time she says it. i melt a little bit more everytime.

BUS (pronounced BAAP BAAAP - as in beep beep) - she calls out all the buses when we are driving, and at times the trucks too. So there is a lot of beep beep goin' on while we are driving around.

...and there are so many more on the horizon. Daily she is learning new sounds & I know she is communicating words with me, but it takes awhile to pick it up. Hard to believe she will be talking in short sentences by the time she is two.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Maggie's Friends

Meet some of Maggie's little buddies...

Lola Zeches enjoying her ice cream cone, flavor - pink of course!

Dinner at Chenery Park with Lola.

Guido Jack in his blissful state of pretend driving.

At the zoo with Guido Jack.

Getting a groove on with Reese & her mom Ambra at Baby Loves Disco.

Happy Halloween

What was Maggie for Halloween???

Why a GOLD FISH, of course!!!