Maggie Leu

Margaret Eveyln Leu, born September 18th, 2005.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maggie got a ROOMMATE!

I have always said, 'Maggie LOVES to love and LOVES to be loved.' She is a social butterfly. Always wanting to know who is coming over or who are we going to visit. And certainly always the last to go to bed at night because she doesn't want to miss out on a minute of fun. Definitely gets it from BOTH of us.

For the past 5 months (ever since our trip to Tahoe over New Years) Maggie has been sleeping in our bed. We have both loved snuggling with her & waking to her smiling, charming self. But - it was time to make the move back to her OWN sleeping quarters. A few failed attempts later, she got a roommate. And from the sounds of their glee and giggling this morning, I think it's going to be wonderful for BOTH of them.

Taken at Golden Gate Park by Stephan last weekend (Mariza, Vivi & Maggie)...

Monday, May 18, 2009

I KNOW you hear me.

I am certain it's the age, right. And that she'll grow out of it... LISTENING. I know she hears me but she silently looks right through me and ignores the rules crashing down around her. And ya know what, I SO GET THAT! Dare I say it comes from me. I'm a bit free spirited, and so is Mz Maggie. And god love her for it, cuz as much as I have my parental challenges around it, it's a good personality trait that will do her quiet well.

I asked her today why she doesn't like to listen to me, and she said 'because I don't like rules.' Yep. That's my Maggie!

A few photos during Bay-to-Breakers this past weekend...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A fleeting moment.

This morning I found myself looking at Maggie and thinking...ok, time to cut that hair. It's constantly in her face and entirely too gnarly from all the food it finds itself visiting through out the day. She just HATES to have it brushed. It's a constant negotiation. And as we all know, you only have so many negotiations a day.

So, why not chop it off today? Maggie was game, and I was in the mood to be somewhat spontaneous. Strolled on up to SUPERCUTS, 1 hair cut please! 20 bucks and whala...

I have to say, I think you do kinda get what you pay for...the hair stylist was a bit more liberal on how much she took off vs. what I had intended. But hey, it's summer & it will grow.

I think she looks older now, and perhaps I already knew that but was looking for a bit more validation.