Maggie Leu

Margaret Eveyln Leu, born September 18th, 2005.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Maggie Finishes Kindergarten

It's a bit overwhelming me for Maggie, my sweet sweet girl is done with kindergarten and moving on to 1st grade. In the past school year she has learned how to read and write in Spanish and English, has lost her first tooth, started sleepovers, is now riding her bike, and talks on the phone with her friends while twirling her hair. The road head is long and beautiful my precious brown-eyed girl. May the wind always be at your back and the sunshine bright on your beautiful, spirited self. I love you infinity plus infinity.

Maggie in her kindergarten promotion ceremony - principal Machado on the left and her fabulous teacher Ms. Palmieri on the right.

Maggie with her best buddy Olivia, dressed as twins for the day.

Maggie all grown up in her Hawaiian themed outfit.

Hanging with a few buddies during the ceremony: Viktoria, Leila, and Yovani.