Maggie Leu

Margaret Eveyln Leu, born September 18th, 2005.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Family Vacation in Tahoe

From the minute we told Maggie we were headed to Tahoe for a 10 day family vacation she just couldn't contain her excitement. She told EVERYONE at school she was going, and usually it got back to me in the form of, 'Maggie said she is going to Tahoe for 9 weeks!' If she had any true concept of time, I know she WISHED it were that long.

SO SO SO many highlights on our fantastically dreamy vacation! But mostly all centered around the kids and their pure excitement for all our adventures. My highlight was taking Maggie skiing for the first time. We started her in a day of ski school, and then decided to just go for it by taking her up onto the mountain.

Maggie in ski school.

All harnessed up - she was BRAVE. FAST. and LOVING every minute of it!

Sitting at lunch with Maggie that first day of skiing, she turned to me and said, "Mommy, this is the BEST day I have EVER had!" I got so teary when she said that, cuz there was something in that moment that felt so grown up and so entirely pure and so entirely honest to her core. I have relived that moment many times, it's a cherished favorite.

A classic Maggie moment.

Ice skating...

Logan was up there too the same week and we had some great adventures together, including giving treats to the zambonie driver, drinks by the fire, and GON-GOLA rides!

Nicky joined us for a few days, and of course we indulged in s'mores...

maybe too much???

Oh are something very special to us! We can't wait to visit you again soon.